Three-steps Process,lasting results
Three simple steps from consulation to completion


Create a free account to engage talents for work trials as a potential employer or to offer work trials as talent.



Validate your profile and get vetted recomendations from us.



Demonstrate your abilities the right talent for the job or engage talents to assess their skills if they fit your requirements.

Hire Mindset Over Skillset
  • Free To Post Job Or Hire Top Talent
  • Recive Vetted Talents Ready For Work Trials
  • Retain Only The Best Dependindg On Your Satisfaction
  • Retain Talent With Right Mindset,
  • And Willingness To Demonstrait Their Skills
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Can client as much talents as they want for free ?

Depending on client request,skillFx will ready to vetted talents ready for work trials.Hpwever a maximum of two talents can be recomended for a weeks work trial for work trial per engagement fee.

Do talents neeed to pay signup ?

No.It is free for job seekers to signup. We take a onetime placement fee when you earn your first sallery.

Do talents talents get paid for the work trials ?

SkillsFx platform is designed to help talents again work experience and to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. This is unpid work trial that might range from 5 work days to 30 work days. Employment is not guaranted ande the client isat liabilty to decide hire or not.