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Learn UX Design

Berlin, Germany

Dec 5 - Dec 9, 2024

250| 2 Adult Guests

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Learn Python (Basics)

Horn, Netherlands

Jan 2 - Jan 7, 2025

370 | Adult Guest

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Learn EV Maintenance

Wellin, Belgium

Feb 8 - Feb 12, 2025

450 | Adult Guest

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Learn Al/ML

Wagnon, France

Mar 7 - Mar 9, 2025

470 | Adult Guest

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  • Prove your skills with a work trial.
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Q: Can clients engage as many talents as they want to before hiring?

A: Yes. Our subscribed client can engage talents to know if they’re the right fit for their business before making any employment commitments.

Q: Do talents need to pay to signup ?

A: No.It is 100% free for talents to use. SkillsFX deal directly with clients for placement fees when talents are eventually hired.

Q: Do talents get paid for the work trials?

A: Work trials are voluntary, non-binding opportunities for job seekers to display their skills and readiness to join world class companies. The work trials are unpaid and talents are free to leave at any time if they feel they are not interested. There is no promise of job offers from SkillsFX or any participating employer. Also, there is no automatic job offer or any preferential treatment. The decisions to finally employ a successful applicant rest with the employers. A user has agreed to our terms and condition immediately they sigh up. If you have any question, kindly contact us.